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October 2020 Newsletter

The Sunrise children loved the pirate theme last month! They all had a blast dressing up, singing songs, making the art, and of course treasure hunting! The kids have been busy all September and we hope they had some fun pirate facts to share with you all.

The themes for October are “Fall” and “Halloween!” There’s a Halloween party Thursday, October 30th which parents are welcome to stay at school after drop off in the morning to see them parade around in their costumes and take pictures. Look for a sign-up sheet outside the cubby room to volunteer that day and to help bring goodies for the children’s party. Since trick-or-treating may be postponed for Halloween this year due to the virus we are hosting a “Trunk-or-treat” at the school parking lot Saturday, October 31st at 4:00pm. We can all hand out candy from eachother’s trunks and then hang out in the playground afterwards if you’re available. We’ll be closed for the federal holiday Monday, October 12th for Indigenous People’s Day, and now that it’s’ Fall weather please bring some warmer clothing for your child.

Thank You,

Miss Melissa & Mr. Nick


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