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Daily Schedule

8:00-9:00:     Hugs, hellos, and indoor / outdoor free play. We encourage you                                 to drop your child off by 8:45, so they have a chance to play                                     with their friends.


9:00-9:15:     Clean-up and bathroom time.


9:15-9:35:     Music and movement, then group time for calender and the                                      day's curriculum (monthly themes vary: listed on schedule below).


9:35-10:15:   Art.


10:15-10:25:  Clean-up art and bathroom time.


10:25-10:45:  Snack.


10:45-11:30:  Outdoor or indoor free play (indoor play may include gym time).


11:30-11:40:  Clean-up and bathroom time.


11:40-12:00:  Songs and stories.


12:00:            Time to go home or eat lunch at Sunrise.


Extended Lunch Time / Afternoon


12:00-12:45:   Lunch time. Lunch ends at 12:30 for parent's to pick up their child.


12:45-1:00:    Children who stay for nap will use the bathroom and listen                                         to stories.


1:00-2:30:       Rest time. After 30 minutes of rest children have bathroom time                               and quiet free play for those who do not go to sleep.


2:30-3:30:       Free play indoors or outdoors, and time for some children to                                     go home. 


3:30:               Snack for children who stay for extended hours.


3:30-5:00:       Free play indoor or outdoors until pick up.


Monthly Curriculum Themes:



August:                        Water play, getting to know school.


September:                  Pirates, fall.


October:                      My neighborhood, & bats, owls, n bears.


November:                  Space, thanksgiving.


December:                   Holidays around the world.


January:                      Ocean, winter.


February:                    Chinese New Year, valentines day.


March:                        Castles, knights, kings & queens.


April:                           Fairytales & nursery rhymes.


May:                            Butterflies & lady bugs.


June & July:               Check "programs" tab for summer schedule.

preschool boulder
preschool boulder
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