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March 2020 Newsletter

The Sunrise kiddos had a fun month filled with birthdays, valentines, and even a dragon dance to celebrate the year of the rat! We have another busy month in March as we learn about famous women in history, St. Patrick’s day, and life on the frontier. There’s even a real cowboy visitor coming to the school to give a special presentation!

Today Governor Polis declared a state of emergency in Colorado in regards to the covid-19 pandemic in order for our state to receive more testing kits and on-site testing locations as a response to contain the spread responsibly. CDPHE has given our school excellent advice on how to stay safe and we wanted to let you parents know our action plan: We will continue to encourage strict cough and sneeze etiquette as well as routine hand washing practices. Clean all common school areas and surfaces on an ongoing basis throughout the day. Follow the Child Health Connections new advice on an increased school absence from 24 to a 48 hour time period if any child shows fever or flu symptoms, and encourage testing in such cases. We will be cleaning toys vigorously and remind the children to not touch their eyes and face throughout the day. Thanks for your help with the new changes and please contact the Department of Health or CDC if you have personal questions regarding covid-19.

All the best,

Misses Melissa, Kiki, & Mr. Nick

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