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January 2020 Newsletter

Happy New Year’s Sunrise parents and kids! We hope your holiday season was filled with a fun and relaxing time with your families however you celebrate. Last month we learned about so many different holiday traditions from around the world, and we hope your children had some interesting tidbits to share with you.

The January themes are “Arctic Animals,” and “Winter.” So far, we’ve been getting outside on the playground and nature walking instead of the gym, but the gusty snow will be back so make sure gloves, hats, and warm coats are ready at the preschool. Don’t forget there’s no school Monday, January 20th for the MLK federal holiday. If you need a night out drop the kiddos off at the movie night January 18th, from 3-7pm!

Stay warm,

Misses Melissa, KiKi, & Mr. Nick.

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