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December 2018 Newsletter

In November we played in the snow, presented a felt board sharing story, and learned so much about space! Big thanks to the Fiske Planetarium crew for their visit to bring the mobile planetarium to us at Sunrise, which was a big hit with the children. We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and started the holiday season off with a bunch of fun memories.

The theme for December, Holidays Around the

World, will introduce a bunch of cultural traditions people everywhere enjoy with their families. The kids will have so much art and holiday snippets to share with you parents after school. We’ll be closed the 25th and 26th for Christmas and are taking off the afternoon Christmas eve beginning at noon. Sunrise will also be closed the day after New Year’s Eve. There’s a Kid’s Movie Night December 8th and we can’t wait to share some holiday movies with the children if you can make it!

Happy Holidays,

Misses, Melissa, Dana, Michelle, & Mr. Nick.

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