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August 2018 Newsletter

We played all day in the sun and the garden this July and the new school year in September seems just around the corner. A lot of kiddos are leaving for kindergarten soon which will be sad, but this time of year we have a lot of new faces and friends starting school for your children to meet which will be fun for them. Please remember to bring in your family photo if you haven't already so everyone has an easier time getting to know each other's faces and names!

Sunrise has a new teacher starting this week, Miss Michelle. Please introduce yourself and make her feel welcome to the preschool when you cross paths. Be on the lookout for Miss Melissa’s newsletter that will have dates for the upcoming family picnic and information about the new preschool year. Mr. Nick has been spending time completing teacher trainings and I apologize for skipping some of the summer newsletters.

All the best,

Misses Melissa, Dana, Jennie, Michelle, & Mr. Nick.

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