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September 2017 Newsletter

Welcome everyone to a new preschool year!

The last couple weeks in August we have been getting to know and welcome our new children and families to Sunrise. The newer kids are learning the surroundings and rules from the older ones, and everyone’s learning how to include one another and be friends. If you or your children need help with anything please reach out to any of the directors or staff.

The kids will be busy in September learning about “famous artists” and “fall” for curriculum this month. Miss Dana will begin some Spanish lessons, and Miss Courtney will occasionally help the older kids with Kindergarten preparation. Our annual “family picnic” will take place on the Sunrise playground at 5:30-7pm on Wednesday the 20th this month, and all family members are welcome. Please bring a dessert (sign-up sheet will be at front door later this month) and we’ll provide pizza for dinner. School photos are on Wednesday, September 27th and Thursday, September 28th at 8am (Sibling / family photos are available upon request by Glenn Ross Photography). If you haven’t brought a family picture to school please drop one off so everyone can get to know each other. We can’t wait to help your child develop and feel so fortunate to watch them discover and love new friends, activities, and experiences at preschool this year.


Misses Melissa, Jennie, Dana, and Mr. Nick.

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