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December 2016 Newsletter

Everyone had a blast last month learning about space and having a special visit from the CU Fiske Planetarium who brought their star show. The Hugin and his Carrot performance taught us about sharing, and Janet "the hat lady" stopped over with some homemade knitted caps for the children.

In December the children's activities, songs, and curriculum will cover holidays around the world so ask your kids what they know about Kwanza, Italian Christmas, Ramadan, Santa Lucille, English Christmas, and Diwali. Sunrise will be closed the Monday after Christmas, and yoga will take place on the Wednesdays the 7th and 21st. Please take a moment to welcome and introduce yourselves to Miss Hillary and give Miss Emma a big hug if you see her before she leaves.

Happy Holidays,

Miss Melissa, Miss Jennie, Miss Hillary, & Mr. Nick.

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