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September 2016 Newsletter

The Sunrise kids enjoyed the end of summer at school playing outside watching the garden grow and taking nature walks. The children have been busy this month getting to know each others names, making art, and learning about new themes like pirates. September has a lot of new activities, curriculum, and special guests prepared for the kids and we can’t wait to get started!

School photos will be on Tuesday the 20th and Wednesday the 21st so please let us know if Sunrise can arrange a family photo for you with our photographer Glen Ross ( Come meet the families at our school picnic Wednesday the 21st where we provide pizza and you bring a dessert or side to share (sign-up sheet by the classroom door). Welcome yourselves to our new staff member and teacher Miss Jennie who moved to Boulder over the summer from California where she worked and earned a degree in early childhood. Please drop off a family photo to school so everyone can get to know faces and names.

Thanks & well wishes,

Miss Melissa, Miss Emma, Miss Jennie, Miss Cat, Miss Courtney, & Mr. Nick.

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