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May 2016 Newsletter

Congrats to all our wonderful performers and singers in last month's school play! Thanks for practicing at home with your kids, and attending our show which always brings a big sense of community here at Sunrise that hits us right in the feels.

In May we have the Sunflower Farm field trip and big thanks to everyone who could chaperone the children. The graduation picnic and family gathering will take place on the 25th at 5:30 PM. Please remember to sign up for the community dessert list by the front door, and to bring a picnic dinner for your family on the day of the event. Yoga's next Wednesday on the 18th, and parent's night out takes place on the 21st. Thanks for gathering all your child's art from over the years parents, and we can't wait to show you the graduation books!

All the best,

Miss Melissa, Miss Emma, Miss Suze, Miss Cat, & Mr. Nick.

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