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April 2016 Newsletter

We hope your kid's doughnut trees are planted and growing well! The children had a busy month in March with the multiple themes and special guests at the school. I'm sure your little ones have been talking all about what the cowboy, policeman, and firemen have taught them on their visits to Sunrise.

Our April theme about Fairytales and Nursery Rhymes will end with a play and sing-a-long that all the parents will be invited to attend. Your child will have a part in the play "The Three Billy Goats Gruff," or be singing on the mornings of Wednesday, April 27th or Thursday, April 28th depending on their ages and days they attend school. We will send home a script so be sure to practice with your children. Spring is here and we can finally begin the Sunrise garden, but we always have a late winter here so be sure to keep those snowy clothes handy at the preschool.


Miss Melissa, Miss Emma, Miss Suze, Miss Cat, and Mr. Nick

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