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May 2015 Newsletter

These soon to be graduates did so well presenting Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and so did the rest of our little performers and singers. Last month the kids had been busy learning and reading about fairy tales. The weather was rainy so we played inside...

And it wouldn't stop so we played outside in the rain...

Finally Springs about over and we can enjoy some sun again while learning about our new May theme "Butterflies & other Insects!" The caterpillars are busy in their caccoons right now and the kids can't wait to see them hatch.

There's going to be a field trip this month on the 20th and 21st to the Butterfly Pavilion, and if you can volunteer please check the box on your child's permission slip. Please remember that there's no school on the 25th for Memorial Day, and on the 28th and 29th it's P.J. Days at school so bring them in pajamas please. Yoga will be on the 6th and 20th, dance will be on the 13th and 27th, and parents' night out happens on the Saturdays of the 9th and 23rd from 4-8 pm. We are so proud of all our graduates this year and we will celebrate their journey through preschool at our graduation picnic on the 27th. Everyone brings their own dinner for the picnic and keep a lookout for the dessert potluck sign up sheet hung up at school. The Sunrise staff could not be prouder of our graduates and will be sad but glad to see these little ones all grown up and on their way to Kindergarden as this school year comes to a close.

All the best,

Miss Melissa, Miss Dina, Miss Courtney, and Mr. Nick

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