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April 2015 Newsletter

Happy April Fools! Hope everybody's donut trees are planted and growing. The kids loved the knights & princess theme last month and all the fun art they worked so hard to make.

The leprechaun came again this year and celebrated St. Patrick's Day by messing up our space and leaving a green poop in the toilet!

Back to April, the themes will be "Fairy Tales" and "Nursury Rhymes," and there's a big performance from the Sunrise kids on Wednesday the 29th and Thursday the 30th. For the play the 2 year olds will be singing their hearts out for you, the 3-4 year olds will present "The Three Little Pigs," and the 5 year olds will perform "Godilocks & the Three Bears." Parent's night out will be on Saturdays the 11th and 25th, Yoga will be on Wednesdays the 1st and 15th, and dance will take place on Wednesdays the 8th and 22nd. Just a quick reminder parents that as the sun is out longer and the days get hotter please make sure your child has sunscreen and a sun hat at school. We will be adding some new trees this summmer for additional shade, and a new climber for additional fun.


Miss Melissa, Miss Dina, Miss Courtney, and Mr. Nick

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