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January 2015 Newsletter

The kids get ready to take on two new themes in the month of January after a big month in December learning about "Holidays around the World." We shared each other's family traditions and explored what makes a meaningful holiday season for people around the world with speacial guests, lots of art, and stories.


In January the themes are "Under the Sea" and "Winter." Here's some useful dates and information about the month's events and what the kids will be doing.

- 5th-9th: Kelp forests, coral reefs, and sharks.

- 12th-16th: Sea horses, jellyfish, and snowman (winter).

- 19th-23rd: Sea stars, sea turtles, and snowflakes (winter).

- 26th-30th: Angler fish, octopus, and winter.

- Yoga with Miss Mary is on the 7th and 21st.

- Dance with Miss Vanessa is on the 14th and 23rd.

- Sunrise will be closed on the 19th for Martin Luther King Day.

- Parent's Night Out will be on Saturday the 24th and Saturday the 31st.

***New projector and big screen for movies!


We hope every sunrise family had a very special holiday and wish you all health and happiness.

Happy New Year's!

Miss Melissa, Miss Dina, Miss Kayla, and Mr. Nick

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