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November 2014 Newsletter

October went by so fast! We had a blast at the grocery store on our field trip.


We learned that we all like to buy King Sooper's ice cream.


Our Spooky parade was a great success, and big thanks to the parents who helped with the Halloween party.


The new bi-weekly dance class has begun and the kids love it!


Alright onto the November news. This month we have our space theme and the big field trip to Fiske Planetarium. The brand new police truck just came to the school and the fire truck will be at Sunrise the first week of November.


The 2014 school photos turned out to be a big success and we hope you found the pricing more affordable this year.


Get ready for the Thanksgiving feltboard presentation about sharing called "Hugin and his carrot" by the fantastic Miss Melissa!

DSC_0008 (11).JPG

The Sunrise staff can't wait to share with you parents all the fun activities we have in store for the kids this month. Stay tuned for the new names of our school pets as we say goodbye to Daisy and welcome our new spiders.


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