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September 2014 Newsletter

Welcome back to school!


Just kidding. We know you're all excited as we are!

September's themes are Fall and we be halfway into our Pirate unit. I hope our crew have brought home some new and interesting tales about pirates to share with ye Mateys, AARRGGHH! A real pirate visited on September 18th for International talk like a pirate day, so we had a fun pirate party and treasure hunt.


Here's a few important dates and upcoming events at school:

1) Friday, September 26th we will have SCHOOL PHOTOS. Please have your child at school by 9:00. We will begin taking photos promptly at 9:15. If your child does not usually come to school this day please drop them in for the morning so they can get their photo taken. If you are interested in Sibling photos and/or Family photos please let me know beforehand so we can schedule a time for those. We have a new photographer this year and he has made packages, which are very affordable, unlike the photographer from last year.


2) On Tuesday, September 30th we have a field trip to King Soopers on Table Mesa. I think we will take the SKIP bus though I am sure we could walk, but taking the bus would be a lot more fun for the children. Younger siblings are welcome to come as long as they can be in some kind of carrier or stroller (***PARENTS - We could use some volunteers please).

Thanks for coming to the picnic. It was wonderful seeing all the children playing happily in the yard and all you parents getting to know one another. All of us staff are excited for the school year and look forward to the fun we will have together this school year. Hugs, Misses Melissa, Dina, Kayla and Mr Nick


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